Downtime is a serious problem for present-day data center facilities. Uncover the leading causes of data center outages and how you can best avoid them.

Does the mere thought of unplanned downtime strike fear into your soul? For today’s data center operators and managers, uptime remains the ultimate goal at all times of the day. Minimizing the risk of downtime from various outages is high on the priority list.

The right procedures, systems, and preventative measures can help your facility reduce the risks. Here’s a closer look at the top three causes of data center outages and how to avoid them.

Human and Infrastructure Error: Management

Out of the top three causes of data center outages, human error is the source of the most importance. But how can you combat these types of causes and learn to avoid them? Accidents happen, and sometimes, people make mistakes.

Accountability, education, and management can help reduce possible downtime from supervisor or technician oversights. Your facility can also turn to newer automation and AI technologies to improve the efficiency of your operations. These programs can solidify critical processes.

Cyberattacks: Arm Yourself With Protection

Cyberattacks often cause the biggest headlines related to data center downtime. These types of cyber threats continually evolve, which is why proper protection is key to counter the attacks. Always update your security measures and leverage monitoring to identify unusual activity. This proactive approach against cybercrimes helps facilities respond to threats in time—before complete outages occur.

Equipment Failure: Stay Ahead of the Game

Equipment, battery, and system failure invariably fall on this list each year. UPS system devices are especially imperative to data center operations. The truth is, people often forget their importance after installation. Remain cognizant of the current conditions of your facility’s power equipment and cabling. Stay on top of your most vital workloads with monitoring analytics and quality assets. The right redundancies, backups, and setups can prevent network downtime.

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