PowerWhips’ prefabricated Russellstoll Pin and Sleeve devices have a proprietary pin pattern that is singly rated, with a non-interchangeable configuration for voltage and type of service to connect only to another Russellstoll connector device. The Russellstoll MaxGard product is a metal device, while the Russellstoll DuraGard product is a thermoplastic device. Both types of these prefabricated RussellStoll connector power whips have polarized ratings for specific voltages and amperages to prevent dangerous mismating of devices of different ratings.

The Russellstoll MaxGard is ideal for heavy industrial applications, as it has high resistance to extreme conditions, such as corrosion, heat, and rugged terrains. These parts work best for light industrial applications. When you need more than simply water-resistant connections, use DuraGard for full waterproof protection. DuraGard devices are also perfect for use in small applications with size restraints or areas that face exposure to chemicals, moisture, and water pressure.

Whether you need connectors and receptacles for wet, corrosive, hazardous, or extreme environments, Russellstoll pin and sleeve parts can protect your electrical connections.

No matter which Russellstoll pin and sleeve connectors you’re looking for, you can find a wide variety of parts at PowerWhips today.


  • Russellstoll (RS) Connector Pin and Sleeve PowerWhips are UL Listed and labeled as a “Prefabricated Power Distribution Assembly”
  • RS Pin and Sleeve PowerWhips are manufactured in accordance with the National Electrical Code “NEC”
  • All materials used in the construction of prefabricated Russellstoll PDU power whips are UL Listed and new from the factory 
  • Russellstoll receptacles, plugs, inlets, and connectors are available based on voltage / amperage requirements
  • RS devices are durable and UL® 94-V0 flame rated with DuraV® high-impact body and collars, thermoset interiors, and dead front constructions
  • RS devices have a neoprene compression bushing cable locking system with a locking bushing nut with external cable clamps
  • RS devices are designed with the safety ground makes first breaks last and voltage polarized to meet NEC® 210-7 and OSHA standards
  • Typically ships in 3-5 days
  • Inventory programs available
  • Online PowerWhip configurator
  • Minimizes workload at the job site
  • Testing to UL safety standard, 100% testing
  • PowerWhips and whip tails are cut to the exact length specification


  • LFMC conduit available in Type LA, ATLA, CBLA and ZHLA
  • Eleven liquid tight colors help distinguish primary power from redundant power
  • Back boxes and conduit adapter kits
  • Custom PowerWhip labeling
  • Wire color “Phasing” options
  • Standard wire bundling
  • Engineering support (job take-offs at no charge)
  • Custom packaging
  • Fill out attached configurator and email to [email protected]
  • Send an email to [email protected] with PowerWhip requirements
  • Call PowerWhips at 262-966-3741 and ask for PowerWhip sales.


Mounting Kits:

RS Back Box

RS Connector

Conduit Mounting

Circuit Breakers:

Circuit Breakers
  • Square D – QOB, QOB-VH, QO and QO-VH
  • Eaton C-H – BAB and QBHW
  • GE – THQB and THHQB
  • ABB – Pro-Line

Air Flow Management:

Air Flow Management
  • KoldLok
  • HotLok


  • Packet Power