About PowerWhips

High-quality, practical, cable assemblies for today’s most demanding applications

For over five decades, PowerWhips an IMS Engineered Products Brand, has met the cabling and power needs for some of the world’s largest companies who have trusted us to deliver quality products with zero failure expectation. PowerWhips was originally under our IMS Electrol branch. IMS Electrol initially started out as a large panel builder for medical equipment. The company expanded into cable and harness assemblies throughout the 1960’s, during this time they continued to expand their capabilities and customer base through strategic growth. PowerWhips an IMS Engineered Products Brand is currently produced in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Fortune 100 Companies have assigned us the mission critical task of supplying connectivity, power and cabling products to the IT, Medical, Government/Military and Communication markets. Our strategy is simple; we create and deliver value. As an ISO9001 company, PowerWhips continues to provide high-quality, practical, cable assemblies for today’s most demanding applications.

IMS Engineered Products proudly carries both PowerWhips and AMCO Enclosures brands.