How SOOW Cords Improve Data Center Performance

Industrial-sized data centers require a lot of power to remain functional and effective. Since many businesses rely on powerful data centers, they need a reliable source of power delivered by a trusty service cord. Since downtime and network issues can cause companies to lose communications, reputation, and their overall bottom line, many turn to SOOW power cords for industrial applications. They’re one more great reason to renovate your data center. Check out the following advantages that prove how SOOW cords improve data center performance.


Advantage 1 – Durability

SOOW power cords are incredibly durable. In fact, their reliability is perfectly displayed in their names:

S – Service Cord

O – Oil-Resistant Jacket

O – Oil-Resistant Insulation

W – Weather-/Water-Resistant

SOOW cords, as their name suggests, feature oil-resistant black thermoset polyethylene, or CPE, jackets. CPE jackets consist of different rubbers that resist water, synthetic oil, and direct heat. In fact, SOOW power cords can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 221 degrees Fahrenheit! This means your data center can run efficiently even during overheating or leaks.


Advantage 2 – Flexibility

Data centers contain countless wires that crisscross all around the room in a complex yet neat arrangement. However, sometimes power cords need to make sharp turns and fit through tight spaces.

Luckily, SOOW power cords have copper conductor wires that feature exceptional flexibility without sacrificing strength. You can create a much more effective data center layout thanks to the flexibility of SOOW cords, which will help improve performance.


Advantage 3 – Environmental Considerations

As stated before, SOOW power cords feature special jackets and insulation, making them durable despite leaks and heat. To expand further, these abilities help maintain performance when up against various environmental considerations. Power cords have a big role when it comes to data center efficiency.

Data centers require large amounts of water to cool equipment—this naturally means water leaks are more likely to occur. These issues are detrimental to a network’s integrity, so SOOW cords help curb the problems before they affect efficiency.

Ultimately, the ability to work under harsh and hazardous conditions is how SOOW cords improve data center performance. Maintaining the perfect amount of power requires reliable wires with added protections. Browse our high-quality SOOW power cords here at PowerWhips today, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.