Tray Cable

Complete line of IEC/NEMA/RussellStoll connector and plug Powerwhips using TC-ER cable.

SOOW Cords

Complete line of IEC/NEMA/RussellStoll connector and plug PowerWhips using SOOW Cord.

Type “LA” conduit can be used in an overhead sable tray. For this application, see PowerWhips listed in the “Data Center Under Floor” products tab.

PowerWhips is the premier manufacturer of prefabricated overhead power cables, providing data centers with the durable and reliable power systems they depend on. Our overhead data center cables are flexible and designed with efficiency in mind, and we continue to provide value to our customers by focusing our development on what’s next in the sector. As the world’s digital infrastructure becomes more dependent on data centers, those data centers must continue to innovate, upgrade, and adapt with industry changes. Trust PowerWhips’ overhead power cables as the reliable power solution for your high-capacity server rooms. When you have a small space for your data center operations, using overhead cable management can help free up space and create a safer environment. Overhead cabling can even help your data center reduce energy use through cable efficiency and cooling fan consumption. Prefab data center power cables offer a variety of advantages for your business.

If you already know which overhead data center cables your facility needs, contact us today to start your order. You can also reach out if you would like any assistance in determining which of our data center power whips are right for your modular assets.