FieldWhip assemblies are manufactured with conduit and wire to the end users’ specification. The conduit can be metallic or nonmetallic, the wire can be stranded or solid and the connectors can be screw-in or snap-in. FieldWhips are commonly used in lighting fixture, sauna, pool, air conditioner and security camera installations. Our customizable field whips are designed with the highest quality materials to provide unmatched performance and durability for a wide range of applications. Electrical wire whips are an efficient and flexible wire option, delivering the ultimate results to any jobs and specific needs out there. We offer a wide variety of options available based on your voltage and conduit type requirements.

At PowerWhips, we make sure to provide a range of options for every data center and its applications. Whether you’re looking for metallic or nonmetallic conduits, stranded or solid wires, or screw-in or snap-in connectors, our selection of FieldWhip data center power cables can provide exactly what you need. Browse all the custom features our power whips offer below.

Contact our experts for more information on our field whips and for help choosing the right electrical wire whip for your needs. We strive to offer the best customer service around, as well as competitive pricing on all our products.


  • FieldWhips are UL Listed and labeled as a “Prefabricated Power Distribution Assembly”
  • FieldWhips are manufactured in accordance to the National Electrical Code “NEC”
  • All materials used in the construction of FieldWhips are UL Listed and new from the factory
  • FieldWhips are available based on voltage / amperage requirements
  • FieldWhips are available with metallic or nonmetallic conduit
  • FieldWhips are available with stranded or solid wire
  • FieldWhips are available with screw-in or snap-in connectors
  • Typically ships in 1-3 days
  • Inventory programs available
  • Minimizes workload at the job site
  • Testing to UL safety standard, 100% testing
  • FieldWhips and whip tails are cut to the exact length specification


  • LFMC conduit available in Type LA, ATLA, CBLA and ZHLA
  • Eleven LFMC Type LA conduit colors
  • Steel or aluminum FMC conduit
  • Nonmetallic conduit
  • Solid or Stranded THHN wire
  • Custom FieldWhip labeling
  • Wire color “Phasing” options
  • Standard wire bundling
  • Engineering support (job take-offs at no charge)
  • Custom packaging
  • Fill out attached configurator and email to [email protected]
  • Send an email to [email protected] with PowerWhip requirements
  • Call PowerWhips at 262-966-3741 and ask for PowerWhip sales.


Circuit Breakers:

Circuit Breakers
  • Square D – QOB, QOB-VH, QO and QO-VH
  • Eaton C-H – BAB and QBHW
  • GE – THQB and THHQB
  • ABB – Pro-Line

Air Flow Management:

Air Flow Management
  • KoldLok
  • HotLok


  • Packet Power