How To Prepare for Power Whip Cable Installation

Data centers are packed with many (and we mean many) important wires that each serve a specific purpose—not properly preparing to install power whips for data centers can negatively affect the performance of your network and even render it useless. Here are the two most important tips for how to prepare for power whip cable installation to ensure your data center meets its fullest potential.

Tip 1 – Provide a Structure

There are two forms of cabling to be aware of—structured and unstructured. Unstructured means that your wires lack proper infrastructure, leading to a disorganized mess of cables and whips. This ultimately leads to congestion which, much like in humans, causes plenty of issues. Mainly, a congested data center is more likely to overheat, which can damage hardware and slow down performance speeds. Plus, messy wires pose a hazard to individuals operating within that space.

That’s why providing a structure to house wires is essential before installation. Since cords are typically run under or above the room, you’ll need storage units and pathways that seamlessly guide cords to their destination. Most data centers use the Main Distribution Area (MDA) to consolidate every connection in one place. Overheads are great for keeping wires tucked away in the ceiling, away from foot traffic and hardware.

Tip 2 – Plan for Downtime

Doing any sort of work in your data center could cause network downtime. These outages and stoppages are detrimental to a business’s performance, bottom line, communication, and customer reputation, especially if issues are severe and persistent. Installing power whips, luckily, isn’t a common cause of network problems.

However, it’s important you prepare for any unforeseen mishaps that could occur during installation. Having redundant power pre-implemented ensures devices get enough power at all times. Additionally, consider three-phase power systems for even more control of your hardware’s performance.

These two tips for how to prepare for power whip cable installation will ensure your data center functions effectively and efficiently. For power cord needs and more information on installing power whips, contact our friendly team here at PowerWhips today!