data center power cords

The importance of redundant power chains in data centers cannot be understated. Without backup power, your business can suffer from downtime. Blackouts lead to loss of security, customer experience, workflow, and the integrity of your equipment. Having a data center power redundancy in place can help save you from hours of downtime. Here’s why redundant power is a must for your company.

What Is Power Redundancy?

Data centers have a plethora of advanced equipment and machines running all the time. Like all technology, these devices are at the will of their power supply. During blackouts, cyber-attacks, or technical issues, your servers lose function and bring down the network.

Redundant power is the solution to these problems. Redundant infrastructure units contain uninterruptible power systems (UPS) that kick in in the event of a loss in standard power.

They also feature switchboards that can strategically send more power to various devices. Having power redundancy ensures your network is better protected in the face of a disaster.

Better Work Efficiency

Outages are a common problem for data centers, but having redundant power in your facility means you can create better work efficiency. A blackout in your network means employees can’t conduct their normal responsibilities. This can mean a substantial financial hit and total loss of productivity for longer issues. When a network goes down, it’s called “downtime,” and redundant power ensures that downtime is significantly eliminated by supplying power from an alternate source until the resolution of issues.

Moreover, redundant power systems work together with minimal interruption or downtime. Since multiple UPS units are in place, if one unit fails, the others can continue to provide power without any interruption.

The importance of redundant power chains in data centers also ties into excellent customer experience, especially when using an online marketplace or website. With backup power, data centers can remain functional.

Prevents Equipment Damage

Companies spend a lot of money equipping their data centers with protective equipment. In any network room, you’ll find cooling mechanisms, standard A/C, and security devices. All of these items demand power, too. Without it, you put your servers at risk of damage.

Redundant power in data centers are important for ensuring equipment remains at a stable temperature. Without a cool setting, specific equipment overheats, and when left untreated, can cause permanent issues. Keeping these devices functioning is just as crucial as servers.

Understanding the importance of redundant power chains in data centers means you’re better prepared for disaster. PowerWhips carries data center power cords that ensure your network is protected and functional, no matter the situation. You can learn more about how redundant power benefits data centers by contacting us at (262) 966-3741 or visiting our Contact Page and filling out the form.