Power brings data centers to life. Without currents, amps, and circuits, a data center’s infrastructure would fail to operate efficiently. For a data center’s efficiency and security, a reliable power supply and distribution system are necessary.

Nevertheless, various power issues do come about that cause supply interruption and potential economic loss. This is why understanding the role of power in a data center is critical to identify the most common data center power problems that managers and technicians seem to face. Let’s examine a few issues that cause flow disturbances and downtime.

Unsuitable Power Flows in Data Centers

Out of all the subsystems in a data center, the power supply and distribution systems are key in preventing data center outages. These problems are easily resolved by having reasonable data center power design, redundancy and backups, and efficient procedures in place.

However, centers that do not have adequate processes or equipment in place can hinder capacity. They can also run into power anomalies, such as voltage surges, sags, or imbalances.

Inaccurate Estimation of Power Capacities

One of the most common data center electrical power problems is the element of data center design. A poor design creates a variety of power quality issues. Demands on power systems increase as a facility grows, which is why the scale needs to be at a minimum appropriate for current capabilities.

Accurate estimation of your data center’s power capabilities is of the utmost importance to prevent power problems. Ensure the power system is not underestimated but not overloaded with accurate data center power capacity planning. Power demands need to meet in the middle.

Poor Cabling Between the Server and Power System

Unreasonable power system design can also lead to power failure due to a poor choice of cabling. In many cases, single device outages are the result of cabling. Cable length needs to fit requirements to uphold equipment performance. An ideal layout and solid choice of quality cabling can work to prevent overheating and power shutdowns.  There are also ways of future proofing your electrical cabling and capacity for future needs.  Building for the future is key.

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