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Data is an essential part of our world, and there is always a potential threat of someone stealing this data for personal gain. Many data centers utilize cyber security and follow industry trends to prevent theft, and your data center will need to keep up with the trends for the best security. Read on to learn about the latest trends in cyber security for data centers, and protect the valuable information housed within your location.

Human-Centric Security Design

Many modern threats to data centers don’t occur from a lack of cyber security features but from those running or connected to the data center. A human-centric security design focuses on the fact that humans have significantly more flaws than computer systems. Hackers will exploit these flaws to find their way into a system.

Phishing emails, unsecured networks, and visits to unsecured sites allow hackers to enter the data centers’ systems and exploit information. Ensure the data center staff understands the potential risks by testing them and requiring quarterly training sessions.

Keeping the knowledge of potential threats fresh in the employees’ minds will ensure they don’t put the data center at risk; cyber security is key. The safety of the data center and its information falls on the programs and the people accessing them, and data center managers must ensure little to no vulnerabilities in the system.

Cybersecurity Platform Consolidation

Numerous programs in data center management, such as ManageEngine OpManager and Ansible, may work independently. Cybersecurity platform consolidation enables these programs to work together on the same platform. This recent trend in cyber security for data centers simplifies data management.

Many programs have similar functions, and by consolidating them, their functions combine into a more convenient tool that will assist in cyber security. Some hackers will target these programs to gain information or create an entrance into the operating system. By molding these programs together, it’s more challenging for hackers to find a way in or isolate a part of the program to attack.

Cybersecurity Validation

Observe the parts of a data center, from the servers to the software, for vulnerabilities. Cyber security validation will help you prepare systems in the event of a cyber attack by giving you a detailed report on the vulnerabilities in your network and what would happen to them.

The report will help you understand how to improve your security features and what flaws you must address. Use the report to determine what data is the most vulnerable in the event of an attack, and find ways to improve the security around it.

Remember these trends as you browse through the Powerwhips website in search of all you need for your data center, including electrical whips to power your facility. Stay current on the latest happenings in cyber security.