NEMA cord

Ensuring every device in your data center functions purposefully is essential for conserving energy. But you’ll lack service and connectivity when you have zombie servers and put the center behind schedule. Use these ways to locate zombie servers and cables in data centers for an easy solution to non-contributory technology.

Look Through Your Analytics

As zombie servers consume electricity without providing any external communication, the wasted power makes a significant impact on an analytics report. View the analytics of your data center to discover where these servers are. An idle server typically draws a quarter of the maximum power supply.

Over time, this wasted energy becomes an issue in how your data center handles the power supplied to it and the costs of maintaining that power. Zombie servers are challenging to locate through most physical tests and often require data observations. Look for any inconsistencies in your servers, focusing mostly on the power supply and how they may differ.

Reorganize Server Racks

An excellent benefit of cable management is sorting through cables and determining if there’s an issue. Zombie cables often hide within bundles of cables in server racks. These cables are challenging to find since numerous cables lead to and from different devices.

Ensuring devices connect with power and data transmission is integral to your data center. Purge and reorganize the server racks with the intent of testing cables.

Use a cable tester or network analyzer to determine each cable’s functionality and characteristics. Cables such as a NEMA cord remain connected to a source but provide significantly less or no power to a device, and a cable tester helps you deduce this lack of function. Test your cables every couple of months to ensure you don’t have another zombie cable attempting to weigh down production in the data center.

Use DCIM Software

DCIM software performs numerous functions in a data center. You can use DCIM software to locate zombie servers and cables in data centers thanks to its ability to give you real-time location data. The software is great for monitoring and managing power consumption.

The servers and cables not contributing to the locations function appear on the software and notify you of their significant loss in power, helping you act quickly to rectify the issue. Software such as this is a lifesaver in your data center, and staying up-to-date on what goes on in the location helps you prevent zombie technology.

When numerous parts of your data center have insufficient power or transmission, locating and resolving them is vital. Use these ways to find the zombie servers and cables and make your data center function properly without undead physical assets.