4 Must-Have Power Cords for Your Data Center

Data centers are the hearts of modern enterprises, housing the servers, storage, and networking equipment that run mission-critical operations. Amidst the complex cables and infrastructure, the power cords are the arteries that supply life to the technology. Here are some must-have power cords for your data center that will ensure the most efficient operations.

IEC 60320 C13 to C14

The IEC 60320 C13 to C14 power cord is common for connecting PDUs (Power distribution units) and computers, servers, or networking equipment within data center racks. Because it is designed for durability and reliability, this cable typically supports up to 250 volts and can withstand frequent handling and bending thanks to its durable jacket. Their universal application across various devices makes them fundamental for maintaining operational continuity in data centers.

IEC 60320 C19 to C20

The IEC 60320 C19 to C20 power cord is ideal for high-capacity systems, delivering up to 250 volts with 20 amps. These must-have power cords are perfect for your data center if it uses enterprise-class servers and high-end PDUs.

The cable also handles high current loads, making it suitable for equipment with demanding energy requirements. Its durable design manages heat buildup efficiently, making it valuable for maintaining system stability and preventing overheating that could lead to fires and downtime in networks.

NEMA Locking Power Cords

NEMA locking power cords secure electrical connections against accidental disconnects that lead to costly downtime. They also have a twist-locking mechanism that firmly attaches to equipment, ensuring a constant, uninterrupted power supply for data center operations.

NEMA cables are particularly beneficial in areas susceptible to vibrations or movement that could loosen standard cords. Manufacturer compliance with NEMA standards assures these cables meet specifications for safety and reliability, making them prudent for sustaining high-performance data centers.

NEMA L5-30 Power Cords

NEMA L5-30 power cords support workstations requiring up to 30 amps, making them indispensable for high-demand deployments. These cables feature a three-wire grounding connector for 125-volt applications.

Typically, these data center power cables are reliable in providing energy to power stations and other devices in the data center that use a significant amount of power. The L5-30 power cords have SJTOW (Service Junior Thermoplastic Oil Resistant with Weather-Resistance) jackets for reliable power delivery, even under substantial electrical loads.

Selecting the appropriate power cords for your data center is critical for efficient and safe operations. Each type serves a distinct purpose, catering to power needs and operational demands. Should you require assistance choosing the right power solutions, our team of experts at Powerwhips can offer personalized support.