Today’s modern data centers are virtual goldmines of valuable information. Companies should never do the sole minimum when it comes to data center cybersecurity. As a critical component of an organization’s digital infrastructure, securing a data center from cyber-attacks and threats is of the utmost importance. Sensitive data exposure from intentional leaks can lead to non-compliance fines, financial or revenue loss, and even reputational damage.

The number of sophisticated ransomware attacks has been up due to increased work-from-home company structures over the last year. Now more than ever before, cybercriminals are targeting vulnerable industries and populations. To be on your best guard, knowledge of proper data security practices is imperative to reduce your vulnerability. Proper data security involves diverse processes, procedures, policies, and technologies. For your consideration, here are four tips to protect your data center from ransomware threats.

Utilize Real-Time Malware Detection

The first line of cybersecurity defense is commercially available anti-malware software. This software recognizes old methods of attack alongside newer threats that are being discovered daily. Utilizing detection software that can perform consistent system scans works to identify problems as soon as possible. Be sure to automate the installation of all updates and patches for ideal malware detection in real-time.

Create Several Immutable Backup Copies

Valuable information landing in the wrong hands is every business’s worst nightmare. Since security is a multi-layered approach, protecting assets with immutable backups is key as a final layer of defense against data center threats. Backup data copies on immutable storage systems ensure that any written information cannot be changed, altered, and therefore encrypted. Ergo, if an attack occurs, organizations and IT teams can restore an unencrypted copy quickly without needing to pay for ransom.

Ensure Storage Systems Are Tamper-Proof

To secure non-rewritable data, taking advantage of an integrated storage system is one of the four tips to protect your data center from ransomware threats. Immutable data is one thing, but hackers have the potential to access and compromise the hard drive. If direct data retrieval occurs, cybercriminals can wreak havoc on the entire system. Tamper-proofing with framework safeguards prioritizes efforts to manage comprehensive security risks.

Keep Servers, Systems, and Equipment Current

A suitable security arsenal should include the right tools and techniques for monitoring and protecting the data center’s network. Similar to patching and updating real-time systems, filling security gaps with upgraded equipment can save on future headaches in the long run. Data infrastructure relies on both digital and physical assets alike.

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