Data center power cables

Due to the substantial number of electronic devices they use, data centers are very energy-reliant, which results in a large carbon footprint. Powering servers, cooling equipment, and performing other tasks use considerable amounts of energy. If you’re interested in ways to improve your data center’s sustainability, there are strategies you can adopt. Keep reading to learn four eco-friendly tips for data center management.

Find Sustainable Hardware

Data centers use a variety of equipment to promote processing and communication, from servers to other equipment. However, these machines have high energy needs to keep the facility running. To promote sustainability in your data center, choose your hardware wisely. When upgrading equipment, select the most high-efficiency equipment to avoid wasting power and time. Modern servers and other machines have many energy-efficient settings, such as features that help minimize energy consumption during idle states.

Repair and Replace Old Equipment

While upgrading your equipment to sustainable models can help reduce energy expenditure, you should also prioritize equipment maintenance to boost its longevity. Once you obtain energy-efficient, updated models, prioritize longevity by scheduling regular maintenance and conducting inspections. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer and boosts the functionality of your data center. Knowing when to repair and when to replace models is crucial to your efficiency and sustainability. When equipment becomes difficult to maintain, consider recycling the outdated models and replacing them with energy-efficient versions.

Monitor Airflow and Temperature Standards

Temperature control is extremely important to a data center environment due to the equipment’s cooling needs. Servers expel hot air through exhaust vents, which can lead to heightened temperatures. If too much warm air circulates in a server room, it can cause data center equipment to overheat and malfunction, leading to downtime. This is why airflow ventilation and temperature control are crucial to data center operations.

However, constantly cooling equipment on this scale uses a lot of energy. It’s important to maintain cool and hot air aisles in any data center. You may even consider hot or cold aisle containment. Carefully monitoring airflow and temperature levels will promote more efficient technology and can even cut down on energy costs.

Use Renewable Energy

Traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels have a larger impact on your data center’s carbon footprint and energy bills. If you want to address the root causes of sustainability issues, consider implementing renewable energy sources at your building. Many companies have already started making the switch to renewable energy through solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric sources. These energy sources are cleaner, and they can even help reduce your center’s energy bills to a greater extent than traditional sources.

These four ways to promote sustainability in your data center can help your processes become more energy-efficient and help you save money on energy costs in the process. When you’re looking for ways to make your data center more efficient, don’t forget the individual parts and pieces. Here at PowerWhips, we carry the data center power cables you need to create efficient, stable connections between your equipment.