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Vibrations and electronics, especially those in professional data centers, do not mix. Unexpected vibrations can cause issues such as lower efficiency and equipment damage in data centers. Learn how to mitigate your data center’s vibration levels with these four helpful tips.

Keep Up With Maintenance & Upgrades

Sometimes vibrations in electronic devices and data center parts can be a sign of damage. Without the proper inspections and scheduled maintenance, certain parts such as fans can undergo wear and tear. This leads to unaligned equipment and increased vibrations. Keeping maintenance logs is crucial for all data center technicians. Reviewing a record of your maintenance will remind you when it’s time to schedule regular equipment inspections and maintenance to ensure none of your equipment is damaged and causing more vibrations than necessary.

Lower Fan Speeds

Many pieces of data center equipment utilize built-in cooling fans to regulate the heat they generate. These fans can cause vibrations in a system or piece of equipment, which is why equipment maintenance and part replacements are crucial. Prioritize slower fan speeds and high-quality balance requirements when selecting data center equipment.

Note where other fans might be located throughout your facility, such as cooling fans and HVAC units. These devices often create strong vibrations, so keep your data center racks and devices at a distance.

Avoid Movement/Servicing Near Racks

When designing the layout of your data center, try to avoid placing high-traffic areas near equipment racks and equipment hubs. Movement from large crowds and heavy equipment can send vibrations through the floor and into your devices, racks, and shelves. Re-route your heavy traffic paths away from your equipment or consider placing your data center racks in a less populated area of the building.

Utilize Vibration Controlling Storage

Access vibrations are an issue that every data center will face at one point or another. For this reason, there are storage options for data centers to help mitigate vibrations and protect equipment. These storage options utilize insulating materials such as silicone to reduce vibrations affecting your equipment. These storage cases can create a safe, insulated environment for power distribution units and more. Using locking NEMA power cables can also help protect your equipment processes from accidental vibrations.

Vibrations can be harmful to data centers and the delicate equipment inside. Protect your data center from everyday vibrations with these four ways to mitigate vibrations. Once you have the ideal environment for your equipment, stock up on NEMA power cables and other data center accessories at PowerWhips.