Color-coded cables are the epitome of effective cable management with data centers. Uncover the top reasons to utilize a color system in your modern facility.

A data center’s infrastructure is the backbone of productive operations and output. To produce the best network connections, data center managers should make efficient use of equipment and strategies. A popular visual management system that supports network uptime is color-coded cabling. Color-coded cables immensely simplify data center operations. Let’s examine closer the five top reasons to use color-coded cables as a management technique. 

Easily Identifiable Equipment Power Feeds 

The use of color-coding for labeling redundant cords or cables is a straightforward solution available to any data center operator. A large majority of power outages trace back to human error from inadequate procedures and misidentification of server power feeds. Utilizing color-coded cables helps to mitigate the potential of downtime attributed to such human error. 

Clear Pinpointing of Data Center Power Supply 

Consider how implementing and maintaining a streamlined color system directly benefits operations and critical IT systems. By design, a data center’s power supply chain links to every server on the rack by function and location. Utilizing colored PDUs that match the comprehensive power chain further reduces the chance of operational mistakes. 

Detection of Varying Voltages Within a Facility 

Your facility’s power requirements may differ according to internal needs. To streamline network management, utilizing color-coded cabling supports the ease of distinguishing different routings and voltage distributions. This option of color-coding proves versatile for technological developments and newfound power requirements. 

Painless Technician Maintenance and Upkeep 

Simplified maintenance and repair are one of the top five reasons to use color-coding cables. Color-coded power cables allow IT technicians to perform any maintenance tasks with ease and confidence. The ability to directly identify cable feed location or function has its merits when troubleshooting problems within the power supply chain. Data center operators can streamline communications to make work painless for everyone involved. 

Cost Savings From Reduced Consumption 

Saving time and money is of the essence in today’s data center operations. As eco-friendly practices are on the rise, thinking of the future of green data center management and operations is key. Color-coded cables prove beneficial to connect critical PDUs to servers, switches, and other equipment—and reduce PUE consumption for the long run. 

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