NEMA extension cord

High-quality power cables play a vital role in the efficient and reliable operation of data center equipment. NEMA power cables are popular in data centers worldwide and come in many types. Discover the different types of NEMA power cables, their features, and how to choose the right one for your data center.

NEMA 1-15 Power Cable

The NEMA 1-15 power cable is commonly referred to as a “two-bladed plug” and is the most basic type. It has two flat parallel blades, and the shape is designed to fit into standard outlets.

Low-powered data center devices, like modems and routers, use these types of NEMA power cords. Use these cords for equipment that requires 2,000 watts or less.

NEMA 5-15 Power Cable

You’ll often use NEMA 5-15 cables in data centers because of their high power transfer. They have three prongs—two flat parallel blades and a rounded ground prong.

The ground prong varies between round or U-shaped but functions the same: it keeps equipment and personnel safe from power surges that could cause electrical shocks. The voltage of this cord is usually 125V and handles up to 15 amps of current.

NEMA 6-15 and 6-20 Power Cable

These power cables come with three prongs, like the NEMA 5-15, but have a unique shape and power high-powered devices. The two blades are horizontal instead of vertical and fit into a different outlet.

The higher voltage ranges from 240V to 600V and carries more current than the NEMA 5-15; around 15–60 amps. These types of NEMA power cables are ideal for high powered devices  within data centers.

NEMA L6-30 Power Cable

This three-bladed power cable works well for high-powered devices that require a large amount of current. L6-30 cables usually have a rating of 30 amps and 250V, making them suitable for high-powered equipment, such as servers, UPS, and PDUs.

Various NEMA power cables are available for data center use, and choosing the right one depends on your power requirements and equipment. Select the right cable for your needs to avoid downtime, equipment damage, or safety hazards. Remember that NEMA power cables play a critical role in your data center’s efficiency and reliability, so invest in high-quality cables that will support your operations for years.