iec 60309 power cords

Understanding power cord ratings and classifying certain cables are crucial for maintaining electrical code compliance. Refresh your knowledge with a quick overview of IEC 60309 power cord ratings for a better understanding of why these voltage ratings are so important.

What Are Power Cord Voltage Ratings?

A power cord voltage rating measures the highest voltage you can apply to a cable and have it remain stable. Voltage ratings must comply with the relevant cable standards for the manufacturer and cable construction. Voltage ratings have distinct categories, such as low, medium, and high voltage ratings. According to the National Electrical Code, the voltage standards for low distribution is 0 to 49 volts, the medium rating is 50 to 1000 volts, and the high rating is 1000 to 4160 volts. High and extra-high voltage ratings are commonly used in power plants and other energy-related facilities.

Importance of Voltage Ratings

Voltage ratings are extremely important to consider when selecting any type of power or cable equipment. Knowing the voltage rating of your appliance or cable helps you determine its ideal voltage to work. Using the wrong voltage may cause your device to not work properly or at all. It could even cause your equipment to short-circuit. For example, using a higher voltage power cable with a lower voltage circuit would cause your equipment to charge or operate more slowly than usual.

It’s important to pair the right voltage-level equipment with the right circuits. Typically, household wiring has a medium rating of 120 to 240 volts, but data centers and other electrical facilities will support much higher voltages.

Voltage Rating for IEC 60309 Power Cord

Now that you know more about voltage ratings and their importance, you can understand the rating behind IEC 60309 power cords. The IEC 60309 cable rating can vary depending on the cable type. Some low-voltage rating power cords in the violet or white range from 20 to 50 volts, putting them on the lower end of the scale. However, most IEC 60309 power cords range from 100 to 690 volts, which puts them in the medium voltage range. These cables vary from yellow to black depending on their voltage strength. If you’re looking for a particularly high-voltage cable to fit a specific circuit, choose a black IEC cable.

Keep your facility safe and compliant with electrical codes by monitoring your power cord voltage ratings. Hopefully, this quick overview of the voltage ratings for IEC 60309 power cords has helped you better understand the classification for this common cable. If you need medium voltage cables for your own facility, browse our selection of IEC 60309 cords here at PowerWhips.