PDU power cables

Whether you’re running a large data center or simply powering the essential technology within yours, certain climate conditions play a considerable role in your power efficiency. In truth, without the proper environmental considerations when choosing power supplies, you might be losing valuable resources without even knowing it.

Maintaining solid network infrastructure requires lots of particular attention to detail that isn’t always the easiest to understand. Luckily, you can combat mother nature and run a highly functioning data center with some research.

Dirt Is the Enemy

A sure sign of a well-oiled data center is cool temperatures that don’t contribute to machinery overheating. The typical data center infrastructure is located in dark rooms and outfitted with advanced HVAC and cooling systems, helping it to achieve this state of optimal temperature. Combined, these factors successfully protect your hardware and the integrity of your network.

When dirt enters the picture, the condition of your hardware is at risk of damage, or at the least, performance issues. As filters clog with impurities, temperature maintenance technology slows, leading to dangerous conditions within the room. Consider placing your data center in a location less likely to draw in dirt and dust to counteract this. Always replace your filters every three to six months.

Block Out the Heat

Since air cooling systems are in place to combat overheating within a data center, these rooms should also be properly insulated. In warmer climates, a poorly protected data center is far more likely to suffer from hardware issues. More importantly, your power sources also slow down when an overabundance of heat is present. This means that even the cleanest air filters in the world can’t keep up with the rising temperatures.

Prevent Moisture

Data centers should, of course, never be underground or in a location that suffers from flooding. A buildup of moisture within the room is as dangerous to your network as intense heat. Furthermore, water is the main threat to electronic wiring, putting your PDU power cables at risk of inefficiency, damage, and total failure. The worst factor of water is that the repairs are quite challenging, and the damage is typically worse than overheating issues.

Understanding all the environmental considerations when choosing power supplies and your data center’s infrastructure leads to better network performance. PowerWhips offers top-market power supply cables for all your hardware needs.