NEMA cable

Your data center has numerous pieces of technology that require energy. It’s best to calculate your data center’s power usage efficiency to ensure it uses electricity well. Read on for more information on making these calculations.

Consider the Devices You Have In Your Center

Knowing all the devices a data center uses is one of the first steps in calculating power usage efficiency. The devices will use varying amounts of energy to complete tasks. You’ll have an easier time making calculations with the knowledge of how much power the storage and network equipment uses.

All equipment connected with a NEMA cable or battery-operated will use voltage to function. Inspect every corner of the center to find all activated devices and power cables for an accurate calculation.

Find the Total Amount of Power Used

Servers, network gear, backup storage devices, and mainframes require power. You can measure how much each device takes by looking at the nameplate, finding the amount of power in kilowatts per hour (kWh), and calculating the number of hours when the equipment consumes this electricity. You’ll need the amounts of power for all equipment in the data center for an accurate calculation.

Make sure you’re thorough by double-checking your results. Some devices may not have the wattage marked on their labels, requiring you to perform more calculations. Multiply the voltage (V) and the amps (A) to find the number of watts. Finding the power in kWh by dividing that value by 1,000 kilowatts is necessary for calculating how much energy a device uses. The volume of electricity the device holds is larger than a measurement of watts.

Understand the Formula

Once you have the value of the data center and the energy used for the IT equipment, you’ll need the formula to calculate how much electricity you use. Calculating the power usage efficiency in your data center involves dividing the total facility power by the amount of energy it takes to activate the equipment.

The final result of your calculation will determine how efficient your data center is—attempt to keep your final result as close to one as possible. Power usage efficiency above one means your data center uses too much energy. This calculation will help you gauge what equipment may use too much electricity and what devices you could do away with.

Calculations are important for IT, so consider the power usage calculations in your data center. Your results will determine what changes you need to make and help you create a more energy-efficient facility.