PDU power cable

Powering your data center is no easy task, especially with the many options available to you and your business. Many IT professionals and executives wonder if three-phase power is right for their data center. In short, it probably is! However, it’s worth understanding the difference between three- and single-phase power, as well as the benefits of each type.

Single vs. Three-Phase

First and foremost, how are single and three-phase systems different from one another? They both power crucial electronic devices, putting out at least 240 volts. The similarities end there, as single-phase power is primarily suitable for small homes, apartments, and businesses, as well as simple data rooms. These systems feature a neutral and active wire, whereas three-phase systems have four wires (three actives, one neutral).

With this added power, three-phase systems put out 240-415V of energy and can support more appliances and devices. This is why most commercial businesses and large-scale data centers rely on this type of power system.

Large Data Centers

So precisely why do large data centers rely on three-phase power? In truth, most modern networks, no matter the size, are powered by this system. It’s highly dependable and capable of more significant operational needs.

With large data rooms filled with a plethora of vital equipment, they must stay functional without overloading power supplies. Three-phase power introduces energy in three subsequential waves. Basically, there are never stoppages or gaps, ensuring steady distribution across all devices. Or, more technically, power remains at peak voltage at all times.

Space Saver

The larger your data center, the more wires you’ll have to deal with, and they take up valuable space. As businesses grow, their network demands follow suit.

Instead of constructing a bigger room for your growing devices, you can consolidate wires with a more efficient distribution system. Three-phase power offers more for less, making it an intelligent choice for ascending companies.

Cost Saver

Those wires don’t just take up valuable space—they also cost your businesses money. With three-phase PDU power cables, you can spend less for better performance.

You’ll also save slightly on energy costs, which is a significant bill for any data center. Lastly, you’ll avoid more blackouts, which can financially impact your business in many ways.

With this guide, no longer will you wonder, “Is three-phase power right for your data center?” For all your power and wiring needs, consider our excellent selection of products here at PowerWhips!