Russellstoll MaxGard vs. DuraGard: What’s the Difference?

Data centers rely heavily on power cord connections. Two common brands of connectors in data centers are Russellstoll MaxGard and DuraGard, which have significant differences. Read on to understand the distinctions between Russellstoll MaxGard and DuraGard and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each brand.

Construction and Materials

Russellstoll MaxGard connectors consist of cast aluminum with stainless steel hardware, making them durable and corrosion-resistant. Their double-shell insulation ensures safety and gives them a NEMA 4X rating, which protects them from damage. Russellstoll MaxGard has a variant of these connectors called ARKTITE, which withstand harsh conditions.

DuraGard uses a high-grade thermoplastic material, making these cords virtually unbreakable and long-lasting. They have a single-piece hard-nylon housing that resists impact and prevents damage caused by exposure to UV rays and chemicals. DuraGard connectors are also rated NEMA 4X, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor use.


Russellstoll MaxGard connectors are compatible with a wide range of power cables, including 1/0 American Wire Guage (AWG) and 500 MCM. They have up to seven wire ports that accommodate different wire combinations. The connectors have genderless contacts, which makes them simple to install. Russellstoll MaxGard connectors also have a float-mounted contact carrier that resists damage during the mating cycle.

DuraGard connectors come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from single-pole to mechanical interlock versions. The single-pole connectors accept wires up to 8 AWG, while the multi-pole connectors accept cables ranging from 10 to 4/0 AWG. DuraGard connectors also feature a genderless contact design, making installation easy.


Because of their metallic durability, Russellstoll MaxGard connectors are most suitable for harsh industrial settings such as mines, shipyards, and petrochemical plants. Additionally, they are useful in electrical or high-voltage machinery and heavy equipment, cranes, and conveyors. The ARKTITE variant is the go-to connector for extreme temperature environments such as refrigeration devices, freezers, and cold storage facilities.

On the other hand, DuraGard connectors are perfect for a wide variety of applications. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, data centers, manufacturing plants, or industrial facilities, many sites benefit from plastic DuraGard connectors. They withstand extreme conditions like chemical exposure, UV radiation, and harsh weather, making them long-lasting solutions.

Choosing the right electrical connectors impacts the performance and reliability of your equipment, so select a connector that suits your environment, application, and budget. When comparing the differences between Russellstoll MaxGard and DuraGard connectors, their benefits ensure a safe and stable electrical connection. Find the right connector to make the best electrical connections.