SO power cord

It can be difficult to tell the difference between power cables just by looking at them. In many cases, you’ll need to understand the inner workings of each cable and its applications to note a difference. For example, if you’re curious about the distinctions between SO vs. SJO cords, keep reading to learn more about each and identify their biggest differences.

What Is an SO Cord?

SO cords are durable and popular service cords in the cabling industry. What does SO cable stand for? The “S” in their name stands for “extra hard service,” and the “O” stands for “oil resistant.” This cable’s hard jacket allows you to use SO cables in applications of up to 600 volts or less. It is a very durable, oil-resistant cable, which means you can use SO cords for many industrial applications. You can often find SO cables at work in office buildings and industrial sites for their durability.

What Are SJO Cords?

SJO cables are very similar to SO cords because they are also service cords that possess the same oil-resistant qualities. You can observe this from the “S” and “O” similarities in their names. However, the “J” in “SJO” cords stands for “junior service cord.” This means that SJO cables are rated for a different voltage—SJO cables have a 300-volt rating. Both cables are also weather- and water-resistant because of their durable coating. Thanks to these features, they are popular for both indoor and outdoor use.

Differences Between the SO vs. SJO Cords

The main difference between SO and SJO cords is their voltage rating. Voltage rating is the highest amount of voltage that you can apply to a cable before it becomes unstable or fails. In the case of SO and SJO cables, SO cables have a higher voltage rating of 600 volts and SJO cables max out at 300 volts. This is because SJO cables have the “junior service cord” rating. Another difference between SO vs. SJO cords is their applications. SJO cables are common in low-voltage tasks such as lighting. Meanwhile, SO cables are better suited for heavy tools and heavier industrial tasks where a higher voltage rating is required.

The differences between SO vs. SJO cords can have a significant impact on your industrial and data center applications. This is why it’s important to understand how these cables function. If you’re looking for cables with a higher voltage, such as SO power cords, browse our selection here at PowerWhips