SO power cord

There are two common applications of SO power cords that prove how useful they are in industrial environments. Read on to learn how they work and what they can provide for your business and needs.

The Basics of SO Power Cords

Let’s break down the meaning of “SO” because it perfectly describes the aspects that set this power cord apart from others. The “S” refers to “service cord.” More specifically, this means the cord supports 600 volts. The “O” refers to oil-resistant characteristics, thanks to an insulating jacket around the cord. For SOOW cords, the additional “O” means the cord is oil-resistant both on the outside and inside.

SO cords contain many small strands of copper wires (between 7 and 12) that give the cord more flexibility, making it perfect for wiring tighter spaces. The insulation makes it better suited for environments with intense temperatures, either hot or cold. SOOWs, in particular, are weather and water resistant, hence the inclusion of a “W” in their name.

Common Application I: Data Centers

Of course, the most common application for SOs is within data centers, where they help power essential hardware and software. SOs offer the user the ability to monitor how efficient the power supply is so that they can make adequate adjustments.

This means networks will consistently receive the right amount of power to ensure better performance. The added durability of SOs such as SOOWs means cables won’t require regular repairs or replacements.

Common Application II: Construction Sites

Roadside, railroad, and other general construction projects are often conducted outside, meaning equipment and machinery require power cords that can handle environmental factors. Seeing as SOs, especially SOOWs, are built to withstand water and temperature changes, these are excellent options for large-scale, outdoor construction or industrial applications.

Plus, their flexibility makes them more versatile in ever-changing construction sites. SO power cords help supply power to tools, motors, temporary lighting, large machines, and heavy equipment.

These common applications of SO power cords can give you a better understanding of how they work and why they’re so helpful in industrial settings. If you are interested in purchasing SO cords for your data center, or simply have more questions, reach out to our friendly team at PowerWhips today!