Management of data centers has grown in complexity over the years, due to the ongoing extension of additional data processing. To run a data center smoothly, labels for data center cables are more than sensible—they are a clear necessity. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of labeling data center cables.

A Quick Rate of Troubleshooting

Without a doubt, technological problems can occur no matter how careful or prepared you are. When you label data center cables with accuracy, you can address problems within the data center with ease and accuracy. In order to keep track of inventory and equipment within the data center, you should implement a reliable and efficient labeling system. These labels will make direct tracing to problematic locations easier, to complete troubleshooting more swiftly.

A Clear Reduction of Downtime

Human error occurs within the workplace. This is why people must emphasize the importance of labeling data center cables. When errors or accidents happen in a data center, you can alleviate the gravity of the situation if proper labels are already in place. If someone happens to knock off or misalign cable components, knowledge of that specific cable will make the job of reconnection easier. With this in mind, you can prevent power outages, connectivity loss and reduce downtime.

A Cost-Effective Lost and Found Strategy

If you want to improve business performance, you must properly plan and execute inventory control. Easily identifiable equipment in a data center can help prevent inventory loss or misplacement, and can also save on the upfront costs of any labor expenses when repairs are made.

While labeling cables is important, so is purchasing quality cables in the first place. PowerWhips offers power cables and assemblies such as IEC 60309 Power Cords, which are color-coded and manufactured for specific voltage systems to fit all your data center needs. Contact us for further information about our top cabling products that meet international standards.