The Importance of UL Listed Data Center Power Whips

An essential component of data centers are the power whips that run through it. There is also a way to find out if a power cable will function properly. A UL (Underwriters Laborator) listing is something all data center managers and electrical contractors should look for in their cables because it’s a sign of quality. Understand the importance of UL listed data center power whips ahead.


One of the biggest benefits of UL listed data center power whips is that they are the standard for safety. When you operate in a data center, you run the risk of several electrical hazards, but UL listed power whips have undergone and passed testing with those hazards in mind.

Reduce Costs

UL listed cables can also reduce costs. This is in large part because a UL listed cable increases labor efficiency because important information is listed, which can minimize mistakes. If you are looking to save money by using an option that is far more convenient, then you should strongly consider UL listed cables.

Meets Standards

Another great thing about UL listed cables is that they meet industry standards. When you get a UL listed power whip, it means that you can trust the product you are getting. For a power cable to earn its UL listing, it must undergo regular, independent testing in labs to reach various requirements for maximum functionality and safety. A UL label for a power whip is a surefire way to ensure that it will not only meet standards but will work properly in your data center.

The importance of UL listed data center power cables cannot be understated. If you need power cables with the trusted UL label, you can turn to Electrol PowerWhips for that and more to keep your data center fully functioning.