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Ensuring a robust and functional network is essential for maintaining your business’s reputation and efficiency. Here are the most common data center threats you should be aware of and ways to prevent these issues.

Network Downtime

Network downtime isn’t detrimental to your hardware and data center equipment, but it can negatively affect your business’s performance and reputation. The most common cause of downtime is power outages.

The best way to prevent this issue is by using proper machinery, keeping a close eye on power consumption and machine performance, and implementing redundant/three-phase power sources. The threats we discuss below can all cause network downtime, making this the most common problem you’ll encounter.

Hardware Damages

Your hardware is the heart of your data center and network. These devices include modems, routers, servers, physical firewalls, and cables. How does hardware get damaged in a secure room? Cooling equipment malfunctions can cause hardware to overheat and lose function. In some cases, this issue can cause severe damage and total failure.

Exposed cables can get pulled out, causing essential protective equipment to lose power. Additionally, exposed/disorganized wires can catch fire and threaten every device in the data center. Use proper overhead cable management raceways and raised platform designs to avoid cable issues.

Cyber Hacks

Cyber hacks and malware are relatively new threats, having existed for around 30 years. However, the consequences of these attacks are immense, sometimes causing enormous issues for entire countries! Most cybercriminals aim their hacks at businesses with weaker networks.

To avoid malware, ensure your firewalls, routers, and modems are fully updated and functional. Regularly check these devices and look for any performance issues. Consistently monitor your network for suspicious activity. Have a plan in place in the event of a severe cyber attack.

Internal Attacks

Attacks aren’t simply limited to cyber hacks – some security breaches occur physically on site. Employees with access to the network can intentionally attack firewalls and steal valuable/confidential information.

Individuals can also enter data centers to download documents, install viruses, and physically damage the hardware. Protect your network with surveillance cameras, security guards, and motion detectors.

Being aware of the most common data center threats can better prepare you for disasters. Networks are vulnerable aspects of any business and can suffer from various issues, both internally and externally. We at PowerWhips have all the right equipment for your data center needs to ensure higher performance, including our exceptional NEMA power cable products.