Within the last year, the world has faced a myriad of difficult circumstances and situations. The one advantage society has held during a worldwide pandemic is our modern technology. Tech is the single means enabling work from home, the adaption of business models, and the upkeep of the economy.

As of now, data center operators, providers, and managers face an array of challenges and innovations within the digital financial economy. Since data centers are the puzzle pieces completing the picture of the online realm, they must embrace innovation and the implementation of current strategies and technologies. Properly responding to oscillating digital needs is key to facing the future ahead. Let’s take a brief look at the top eight emerging data center trends in 2021.

Remote Management and Autonomous Operation

The pandemic greatly accelerated the automation component of the industry. To lessen direct contact between people, the once on-site task of routine servicing and monitoring has shifted to embrace more remote capabilities. Complementing the above trend, many predict a further switch to robotic operations for greater security and supervision in due time. Autonomous tools for remote data center monitoring and management will continue to expand into the future.

The Building of Global and Hyperscale Centers

Industries worldwide are taking advantage of the rapid acceleration of overall digitization. Within cloud computing, the demand for public colocation services and hyperscale vendors is pressing. Within the year, the majority of enterprises will set cloud adoption processes in place.

More Innovative Cooling Technologies

Nothing is as critical to physical data centers as adequate cooling techniques to prevent hardware overheating. Recent innovations are changing the landscape and offering operators sophisticated cooling solutions for efficient deployment.

The Shaping of Edge Computing

Instead of processing data on a central server, edge computing processes data very closely to the “edge” of where it’s collected. This type of computing is a growing and necessary topic within the IT sector, set to sustain throughout the clear rise of 5G and IoT devices.

Sustainable Operating Practices

Of the top eight emerging data center trends in 2021, the movement toward sustainability tops the list. Industry trends are striving toward a future that utilizes reusable materials, reduces overall power consumption, and creates carbon-neutral targets within facilities.

Renewable Energy Storage

Taking accountability for climate impact is an undeniable business incentive currently on center stage. Supplementary to the above trend regarding sustainable practices, utilizing renewable energy and power is a concept taking the industry by storm. Energy-efficient solutions are out there to reduce one’s footprint on a global scale.

Data Center Talent and Staffing Demand

Those in the industry can agree that demands for professional talent skyrocketed as of late. Finding highly skilled and qualified candidates for open positions is proving difficult for wider business success.

A Rebound in Infrastructure Spending

As the post-pandemic world awaits, data centers will continue to play an integral role in shaping the “new normal.” Increased spending on remodeling sites and renovating infrastructure is bound to take place.

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