Data center power cords

Data centers utilize many different forms of power cables throughout their interior. To the untrained eye, they can be difficult to identify and easy to lose track of, especially amongst a sea of similar-colored cables. Keep reading to discover three tips for choosing data center power cords and how to keep track of them in a complex system.

Understand Different Cable Types

One of the biggest learning curves for data center workers and electrical contractors is committing the different types of cables to memory. The different types in a data center are almost endless, and even veteran electrical engineers might not be able to tell them all apart. Using the wrong power cords can damage your equipment and appliances, so always double-check your selections with the manufacturer’s guide as you’re committing cable types to memory.

Select Wire Length and Gauge

Wire length and gauge can affect a cord’s load capacity, which is how adequately it carries a current. The longer the length of the cable, the less effectively it will carry a current. This results in a smaller voltage from longer cables. This is crucial to keep in mind when selecting power cords for your data center. If you’re planning a distant application for a power cable, you need to choose a larger one that accommodates the longer length. The gauge of the cord will help you determine its power capacity. The lower the gauge in AWG, the higher the cable capacity.

Utilize Different Colors and Labels

To keep your data center’s electrical system organized, try sorting your cables by color. Using the same black cords for every application in your data center can lead to confusion and difficulties tracing cables back to their appliances. It’s common to plug several wires into one power distribution unit in your data center. Without any unique colors or labels to differentiate these cables, you can lose time and productivity tracking them back to their sources for inspections and recording. When selecting cords for certain applications, try to strategically use colors and labels to create groups for easy identification.

We hope these tips for choosing data center power cords help you avoid equipment damage from using the wrong cables. At PowerWhips, we offer a wide variety of data center power cords with detailed write-ups so that you have all the information you need before selecting your cables. If you have any further questions about our products and choosing the right ones, our experts here at PowerWhips can help answer any questions.