Understanding cable voltage ratings is not the most straightforward process. Nevertheless, basic awareness of voltage ratings is entirely necessary for the reliable operation of electrical equipment within a specific facility. Have you wondered what a voltage rating is? Rated voltage is a cable voltage range for a reliable operation—a specified range for electrical equipment operation under stable conditions.

Hence, rated voltage is the highest level of power that electrical equipment can function without jeopardizing its viability. Let’s examine closely what these numbers mean for completed data center cabling construction and safe equipment operations.

The Voltage Rating Figure of a Cable

You can normally find voltage rating figures normally on the reel or drum of a particular cable. Voltage tends to dictate the amount of insulation surrounding the wires of a cable by its thermal limits. A typical electrical cable rating specification is 0.6/1 kV.

This figure rating outlines that a cable within this rating is only capable of withstanding a voltage of 0.6 kV (the rated voltage phase between the conductor and the earth) and 1 kV (the rated voltage phase between adjacent conductors). An exceeded cable power cable rating will cause breakage and short circuits.

Rated Voltage Requirements for Data Centers

Remember, the rated voltage of a cable is the absolute maximum amount of power for safe exposure. When choosing the exact voltage rating for your facility’s needs, cabling manufacturers typically recommend not to choose the exact rating that your power supply will pass through it. Rather, give a sizable amount of room as a safety margin in case of an increase in voltage.

You may never have an issue, but that is what’s so critical about understanding power cable ratings. You can surely go wrong with choosing an inadequate or lower voltage-rated cable than the voltage that the cabling system is exposed to. This choice causes a risk of faulty equipment overheating.

Reliable Power and Cabling Products

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