Ways To Improve Data Center Efficiency

A data center is only as powerful as the IT department in charge of it. To ensure a data center performs at the necessary standard, learning to make operations more efficient should always be a top priority. Here are some ways to improve data center efficiency.

Use the Cloud

The cloud is a piece of technology that every industry is utilizing in some capacity, and the same can be said with IT. Using the cloud can make data center management much easier, as you can access it from remote areas. The cloud can also ensure that your storage doesn’t start to overwhelm a space.

Control Temperatures

Another area of a data center that can affect power usage efficiency and performance is the temperature of the space. A data center is prone to warm temperatures due to the hardware used, which can deter how well it functions. That’s why you need to control the temperature of a data center with hot and cold aisle containment, an efficient air handling system, and other methods.

Clean Up

Keeping a data center clean is essential to ensuring a sense of comprehensive efficiency. There are also several parts of a data center that need to be cleaned routinely. This starts by cleaning the physical space of a data center by getting rid of any old equipment. Cleaning up is also essential in the digital world, such as clearing out old data.

Implement DCIM Software

The next way to improve data center efficiency is to use DCIM software. DCIM stands for Data Center Infrastructure Management and can be used to monitor and filter through your operation. DCIM software gives you the ability to refine your data center and improve its efficiency, making it a must-have tool for an IT department.

Find A Good Supplier

The final path toward proper power usage efficiency is establishing a strong relationship with different providers. By taking this step, you can house your data center with the equipment needed to reach an acceptable level of efficiency. PowerWhips can become one of those reliable suppliers for data center power cables, so you can reach maximum performance.