Today’s modern world is a competitive marketplace—one where it’s fundamental to have a hard edge in a soft economy. As a fierce juggling act, data center managers are continually striving to add capacity on one hand while holding their budget limitations in another. Reducing the opex, or operating expenses, of a data center is not the easiest task on their to-do list.

How can one most effectively save energy without the upfront investment costing an arm and a leg? No matter the size of a data center, cooling costs are known to be a major expense on the electricity bill. It’s said that around 40 percent of the total energy consumed within a data center is spent on cooling, which keeps costs soaring. To best save money, data center managers need to think creatively to keep the power opex low. Here are a few ways to reduce data center costs that may just help one do so.

Utilize Airflow Management Tech

Cooling efficiency and operating costs will vary due to several factors: a data center’s location, local climate, local energy prices, and current cooling technologies. Energy-saving is all about a data center’s technology and how systems operate on the floor. Tech can always be improved, and today’s data center cooling options are surely spreading wide in various directions. The modern trend is shifting from traditional air-cooling methods to more efficient, liquid-cooling techniques. Consider a tech upgrade to better direct cold air, maintain temps, and extend equipment life.

Be Smart With Your Power Consumption

Another one of the top ways to reduce data center costs is to simply think smarter about power consumption, also known as thinking green. More and more companies are learning how to go green and better their business and the planet at the same time. Energy-efficient cooling systems are one thing, but a comprehensive revamp of design and structure with green energy in mind can reduce opex. Consider installing an automated lighting system, using energy-efficient bulbs on the floor, utilizing servers that have power-saving modes, and, of course, tapping into renewable energy sources.

Focus on Foundation: Cables and Connectors

Many cable management factors, such as the quality of electrical connections or the efficiency of cabling solutions, can contribute to a data center’s operating expenses. The right cable and connection solutions can reduce the energy footprint of servers and lower total equipment costs. Data centers need good airflow, design optimization, and functional connector components to increase efficiency.