PDU cable

Data centers are vital for nearly every business. As these centers grow, so do their power needs. Power distribution units (PDUs) are essential for data center operations. Read on to learn the purpose of PDU power whips and how to use them in your data center.

What Are PDU Power Whips?

Power distribution unit power whips are high-voltage cables that connect power sources to PDUs. They come preassembled with a whip tail on one end and a connector on the other.

The connector plugs into the PDU and whip tail to the power source. These cables typically include two standard copper conductors for electrical transfer. The power whip’s length varies depending on the distance between the power source and the PDU.

What Is the Purpose of PDU Power Whips?

PDU power whips provide a safe and reliable connection between the PDU and a power source. PDU whips eliminate voltage drops and guarantee a consistent flow of power.

One of the most significant purposes of a PDU power whip is to save time and effort during installation. Additionally, these cords are UL listed and fully tested in a factory setting.

How To Use PDU Power Whips

PDU power whips are relatively simple to use, especially if you follow the instructions. Here are the steps to use them:

  1. Inspect the power whip before installation to ensure there are no defects or damage to the cables.
  2. Identify the power source and PDU’s location and determine the distance between the two.
  3. Select the appropriate whip length that connects the power source and the PDU.
  4. Plug one end of the power whip into the PDU and connect the tail into the power source.
  5. Ensure all connections are secured tightly.
  6. Turn on the power source and test the PDU to ensure everything works as expected.

These cords maintain a constant power supply to PDUs, making them ideal for use in data centers. Keep in mind that trained and certified electrical contractors should install them.

PDU power whips are essential components that enable power distribution units to receive power within a data center. With this knowledge, you can use your PDU power whips correctly. Remember to work with trained, qualified, and certified professionals when installing PDU power whips to guarantee the safety and reliability of the data center’s power supply.