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Copper has many benefits, making it a common material in manufacturing. One of the areas where copper is most valuable is in electrical wiring. Copper power cables are found in electrical applications nearly everywhere. Electricians, data centers, construction companies, and more use copper cabling for various reasons. Keep reading to learn four reasons why copper is used for electrical power cables.

High Conductivity

If you’re comparing service cords, you might have noticed the prevalence of copper in them. But why is copper used in electrical wiring? Copper is one of the most highly conductive metals on the market. In fact, copper is only second to silver in conductivity rankings. Thanks to its high conductivity, copper can easily transmit electricity, which makes it an ideal material for electrical wiring. Copper allows electrical currents to travel a greater distance, enabling manufacturers to create longer cables. Cables crafted from copper materials have superior performance and efficiency than those made with other materials like aluminum.

Superior Ductility

Copper is a convenient metal to work with due to its ductility, which is how much you can deform it without it breaking. This material is highly malleable and flexible, ideal for manufacturing power cables. Because many power cables snake through ceilings, walls, floors, and appliances, they need to be flexible and fit a variety of spaces. Copper wires can bend and conform to various shapes without losing power or efficiency. This enhanced ductility also ensures there’s less damage to a cable while in tight storage spaces or wrapped around a column, providing long-lasting usability.

Useful Resistances

Copper also has useful resistances for use in electrical wiring. It features corrosion resistance, which is ideal for safety and performance. This corrosion resistance occurs due to the oxide layer that forms on its surface over time. Because of this layer, this material has a very slow corrosion rate, boosting its longevity and preventing rusting, ensuring it maintains its functions in environments where moisture is present in the air. Additionally, copper also features superior heat resistance. This helps keep power cables from overheating and causing fires. Copper electrical wiring can help lessen the occurrences of home and commercial building fires. These resistances are ideal for use in wiring because they promote safety in any wiring application.

Inexpensive and Accessible

Finally, this material is more affordable than other metals. Copper is less expensive than its other conductive counterparts, which include silver and gold. You can achieve better conductive results with copper for a lower price. Additionally, copper is more accessible due to its usefulness in cabling and other applications. You can find many copper suppliers and mines worldwide that supply copper sheets, wires, and more for manufacturing.

These four reasons why copper is used in electrical power cables demonstrate why it is a strong choice for use in electrical power cables. If you’re looking for durable copper cabling for your electrical applications, browse our selection of SOOW cables here at PowerWhips. We specialize in high-quality power cables, connectors, and equipment for data centers and other electrical applications. Explore all our blogs to learn more about copper and why it’s the metal of choice for electrical wiring. You can also contact us today with any questions about our PDU power cables and how they can help solve common data center problems. Call (262) 966-3741 or fill out the form on our Contact Page for further inquiries.