power cables

Learn everything you need to know about power distribution unit power cables to ensure your data center is effective, efficient, and robust.

As we’ve mentioned many times on this blog before, data centers house a whole plethora of different wires and cords. Each one has a specific role that, ultimately, powers your robust network. However, there’s one cable (or rather collection of cables) that’s among the most important in your data center. Here is everything you need to know about PDU power cables.

Connection for Power Distribution Units

A PDU power cable, as its name suggests, is associated with power distribution units. PDU power cords connect power distribution units to computers, offering you more control over your power source. Specifically, you can isolate power distribution levels from certain PDUs to servers. Ultimately, PDU power cables are the best way to have total control over power levels inside your data center. Sometimes, people confuse PDU power cables with power strips.

PDUs vs Power Strips

What are the differences between power distribution units vs. power strips? Since PDU power cables are plugged into PDUs, it’s important to understand the functions of a power distribution unit and how it differs from power strips. Your basic power strip, like ones found in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, offer you more outlets and increase reach for your cords. They’re surge protected to better protect your hardware and can support multiple power capacities.

PDUs do most of the same functions of power strips but with one key difference – they’re far more advanced. With the use of a PDU, you can remotely control the functions of your power distribution unit. PDUs also have better data security since their power is controlled and guarded by programs and passwords. Plus, you have more control over load balancing and environmental monitoring. But as with any power cables in a data center, you can find ways to effectively organize your PDUs. 

Organizing PDU Power Cables

Power distribution units are typically mounted vertically in the rear of the data center cabinet to conserve space and keep things tidy inside your data center. But how do you effectively organize your PDU power cords to ensure order and reduce the likelihood of technical issues?

PDU power cords of all types get stored in the back of the rack, out of the way from human interaction. Zip-ties and other fasteners help keep PDU power cables uniform. The importance of keeping wires and cables secured and organized cannot be understated relating to the efficacy of your network.

Having a more in-depth knowledge of PDU power cords can help you find the best one for your center. You now have a better understanding of PDU power cables and know about their function and importance. For additional information and/or questions regarding data center cords and components, please reach out to our friendly team today, here at PowerWhips!